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Todays message is going out much later than planned due to some technical difficulties. Quite fittingly, today’s message is about Declaring and Decreeing. A powerful approach to our relationship and communication with God in accord with our needs. I declare and decree uninterrupted publishing of this message.
Ever remember being so young that maybe your language skills were not quite developed well. It drove your parents nuts, as you pointed and whined! OMG! You want this?!, You want that?!…I’m sure you’re wheels are turning already with familiarity! Well, there is something to be said for this too, God wants us to know we can Pray and be specific. He will Answer, sometimes with a “yes” (don’t forget to say thanks), sometimes with a “Not yet” (don’t forget to employ faith and also say thanks) or sometimes it’s with, “just wait, I have something better in mind for you.”(That’s where strong faith is required, something “better” might take longer) naturally, you should be thankful and patient of that too! 
Job 22:28
King James Bible
Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.

Powerful messages have come through in regard to Declaring and Decreeing. Take a moment to listen to this, you will not regret it.!

Declare and Decree the word of God into and over your life.In Job 22:28 God instructs us that if we declare a thing He will establish it!

• Kingdom prayers and decrees
• Prayers releasing the fire of God
• Prayers to command the morning, the day and the night
• Releasing the sword of the Lord
• Releasing the arrows of the Lord
• Breaking curses & casting out generational spirits
• Annuling ungodly covenants

• I have a covenant with God 
Finish your completion of these exercises with this prayer. “Lord, I forgive all who have ever wronged me, allow My prayer over them to bring them into correct alignment with You Lord! I pray that You would have mercy on them as You would also have mercy upon me!” 
Exercise your covenant with God every morning. 

God Bless you!

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