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I happened to come across a video the other day, which was a study performed on the properties of water. They discovered that water and it’s mailable properties has an ability to store, capture and convey information. Essentially speaking, they tested water droplets by taking pictures of them under high powered microscopes. Those droplets were each individually different, but certain similarities between other droplets placed by that same person were all similar.  Each test participant had a collection like this, each persons collection varied within the set of droplets that they tested, but each persons set was completely different from the other persons set. All the water that was suppliedfor the test  was obtained from the same beaker.

As water travels through its many stages, from underneath the ground, up through evaporation, into our atmosphere, up to the clouds and back down through rain, at every phase of its journey, it’s collecting data, information,& energy! 

This fascinated me so much, you have no idea! For starters, we all know that we are mostly made of water, right? We all know that words have power? It’s a natural realization over the things that God has been showing me and sharing with us.Over the ages God has been cluing us in on these facts.

God is the Living water, we are baptized with water and we are cleansed by it. It’s vital for our survival, in a physical sense as well as a spiritual sense. We were formed from the essence of it, as God spoke over the deep!

Be mindful of your water, it’s source. Pray over your wells, your water faucets, spickets and water mains. When you prepare food and when you are to ingest food, speak and pray directly over your food! give gratitude and thanks for God’s Divine Blessing, His life givin,  health sustaining presence. Speak to the molecules and structure of the water that exists in your body, in what you will,place into it and also to that sources of water that receives you,, for a shower, a bath or a swim!

And Just think about it, God is the Living Water Zechariah 13:1—-> which was a picture of Jesus………. John 4:14 John 7:38 Isaiah 44:3 rev 22:1 and. Rev 22:17 we will drink of Him Eternally!!!!

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