MONDAY MORNING MESSAGE For The Eternal Body Of Christ 6-27-11

SusanMarie/ June 27, 2011/ Uncategorized

Goooood Morninnnnnnnnnnnnnnng! Some revealing insights have occurred…I’m just gonna throw out a couple of common expressions (excuses)…we are gonna take a closer look at them; some parallels are going to be drawn, others will be refuted through scripture and we are going to walk away from this message Blessed and Empowered; ready to tear up hypocrisy, complacency and defeat! All in

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MONDAY MORNING MESSAGE For The Eternal Body Of Christ 6-20-11

SusanMarie/ June 20, 2011/ Uncategorized

Goood Morninnnnnnnnnnng! The Spirit has led me back in time to re-introduce a word on having and maintaining a relationship with God. Below is a segment I had written sometime ago. In respect and reverence to Fathers and Father’s day, does not our Father in Heaven deserve such accolades, such admiration? How can we truly show God How much we

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MONDAY MORNING MESSAGE FOR The Eternal Body Of Christ 6-13-11

SusanMarie/ June 13, 2011/ Uncategorized

 ㋡  Goooooooooooood Morninnnnnnnnnnng! Today we are going to take a deeper look at the principal of Throwing a fleece; Casting a Lot…seeking definitive direction from the Lord and why the old testament spoke of these acts more prevalently than the New. When a Builder is seeking to do good work; there is a mindset of measure twice, cut once.  When you

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MONDAY MORNING MESSAGE For The Eternal Body Of Christ 6-6-11

SusanMarie/ June 6, 2011/ Uncategorized

Gooooooood Morninnnnnnnnnnng What choice will you make? I’m recalling a conversation I had with someone a few years ago whom I cared very much for. A song came on, it was an oldie.  I had heard it before but never quite knew the full meaning of the lyrical words; it was before my time but none the less,  it was

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