The Monday Message 6/24/13 “Grumble vs. Humble”

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Transcript of today’s Message to be posted later! …it’s my Birthday! ….Off to enjoy some Birthday fun! Transcript Grumble or humble! Both cant occupy the same space at the same time. today’s discussion is about the spirit of humility and the grateful heart and it’s also about discerning and avoiding the (grumbling heart), the complainer, the negative Nelly! No offense

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The Monday Morning Message For The Eternal Body Of Christ 6-17-13 Godfidence & God Esteem

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God Esteem and GODfidence   You might be asking yourself, what is God Esteem? …and How does one obtain it?  –<<O>>–<<O>>–<<O>>–<<O>>–<<O>>–<<O>>–<<O>>–<<O>>– God-Esteem: Looking to God for every form of validation; self worth, value, acceptance, love, encouragement. Redefining self worth based on Biblical principals, rooted in practical applications such as; small actions, small choices, small incremental advances but done consistently! Over

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The Monday Morning Message For The Eternal Body Of Christ 6-10-13 “Discretion & Modesty”

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Discretion is the best accessory and Modesty is always suitable. 。☆。*。☆。★。\|/。★♥—–^_^.—-♥★。/|\。★.。☆。*。☆.¸¸ Discretion is a loyalty you owe to yourself first and also to others. Indiscretion can be showing too much and sharing too much. Who hasn’t been the target of  “Mouth Runneth Over” …Someone just Sharing information indiscriminately. Beware, if they can do it to others they can do it to

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