11-25-13 Declare and Decree Over Your Life

11-25-13 Declare and Decree Over Your Life

Todays message is going out much later than planned due to some technical difficulties. Quite fittingly, today’s message is about Declaring and Decreeing. A powerful approach to our relationship and communication with God in accord with our needs. I declare and decree uninterrupted publishing of this message. Ever remember being so young that maybe your

11/18/13 Obedience/Disobedience

There is a subtle difference between not wanting to sin, because of the cost, i.e. eternal damnation, going to hell,… even some of the physical consequences that are associated with certain sins of the flesh, etc etc. but there’s a pivotal difference between not wanting to sin because of the consequences versus not wanting to

The Monday Message 11/11/13 Veterans of Gods Kingdom

Do you know who the Veterans of the Bible are, those who have fought the good fight? Realize this, we as Christians, alive today, are on that same battlefield!  We are up against the very same enemy, EVIL! We celebrate and remember all who went before us, those who sacrificed, those who achieved kingdom victory,


I happened to come across a video the other day, which was a study performed on the properties of water. They discovered that water and it’s mailable properties has an ability to store, capture and convey information. Essentially speaking, they tested water droplets by taking pictures of them under high powered microscopes. Those droplets were