Offer It Up – 1-27-14

SusanMarie/ January 27, 2014/ Uncategorized

OFFER IT UP Sometimes in life, we get so caught up in getting our own needs met, our OWN prayers answered, that it must truly test the patience of God. His Holy word states that we were created and exist for a purpose (yet sin has gotten in the way) it has effectively all but eliminated praise from the lips

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1-20-14 “Double for your trouble and 7x Greater!”

SusanMarie/ January 20, 2014/ Uncategorized

“Double for your trouble and 7x greater!” That which evily comes against you, that which is taken from you, that which has cost you time, tears or torment; the Lord thy God shall restore you! It is His good pleasure to Bless you. As children of the Most High, we are in a bit of a precarious situation; we are

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1-13-14 “Come Home, its Time”

SusanMarie/ January 13, 2014/ Uncategorized

Happy Monday Everyone! Its back to the daily grind huh?! Well, this is one of those forwards backwards review type messages.The irony here is that this message (an accounting of when my kitty went missing) was written in November of 2010 These last few weeks God has been revealing much, those elevens keep showing up (as in this message from

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Oh we need a Little JESUS right this very minute! 1-6-14

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Twenty Fourteeen……2014,,,, Today is whats known to many as “Little Christmas” (Irish: Nollaig Bheag) is one of the traditional names in Ireland for 6 January, more commonly known in the rest of the world as the Feast of the Epiphany. It is sometime thought that it is called this because under the older Julian calendar, Christmas Day celebrations fell on that day

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