Keys PLEASE 6/30/14

Keys PLEASE 6/30/14

Keys are an important part of daily life, they give us access to the things we want, need and use, as well as help to secure those things when we are not present to occupy. We open doors to our homes, business’ and vehicles and we lock those doors to keep others out.Did Our Father

In Due Season

Several words have come to me in the spirit that didn’t seem to be related at all. I asked the Lord, what is the meaning here? I see the words compassion, persistence, perseverance and then I received several confirmations on the word “season” . The Lord showed me that this is the unifying measure, a

Spirit Census 6-16-14

Checks & balances, weights & measures are important to us, they constitute and signal to us what is working and what isn’t, what needs attention and when all goes well, it simply confirms to us that its going right. Spiritually speaking, we would do well to keep tabs on where we stand in the grander

Breakthrough is at hand, receive it! 6/9/14

God is so Good to show us just enough of what is really going on according to our level of growth. I planted some baby vegetables recently, I tended to them, ammended the soil, fed them great plant food, did all could do to ensure they would grow healthy and strong. A few days after

His Name is Mighty 6/2/14

There is a very corrosive spirit that attaches itself to people who feel justified, people who have un- resolved emotional baggage, anger, resentment, disdain, who suffer from lack of tolerance, education and/or mental stability. It’s the spirit of profanity, it tries to attach itself to these people. Seeking a viable host, this spirit is not