GOoD Hugs! 11/24/14

SusanMarie/ November 24, 2014/ cares, carries, embrace, fond, god, hugs, Lord, love, walks with us

I have two cats, one is very affectionate and would let me do just about anything I wanted, he just loves and trusts me that much! The other one, well, she desires to be close, to have attention, but she shrugs at being held. In fact she often resists, and meows as if she is being tortured. She must not

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Not Selfish, just be RESULTISH!

SusanMarie/ November 17, 2014/ Uncategorized

You are No good to anyone if you can not first be good to yourself. Now is where the definition of Good comes into focus. What is good for some may be considered NOT GOOD. Especially in this day & age, we are warned that good is being deemed evil and evil is being misconstrued as somehow being OK or

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All You Could Ask For 11/10/14

SusanMarie/ November 10, 2014/ Uncategorized

It’s customary for a parent or caretaker to set up & prepare a schedule for their child on how things are to unfold, whether it be school or activities, day to day concerns for nutrition, clothing, entertainment and all of the necessities involved. Is God, as our parent, any less concerned or prepared for our welfare? He has parlayed a

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Not just when you sneeze 11/3/14

SusanMarie/ November 3, 2014/ Uncategorized

As cold and flu season seems to be upon us, I was inspired to highlight this common practice. It is customary and widely accepted to say, “God Bless you” when someone sneezes. This was adopted theoretically at some point during the 1st 100 years after Christ’s death, at a point in History when the bubonic plague was running amuck. The

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