Elohim~ Eschaton~ Emmanuel 1/26/15

SusanMarie/ January 26, 2015/ Uncategorized

“Eschaton“, is the immanent, final, heaven-like stage of history, the Last days, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/End_time_ ) ~ (see: LUKE 4:17-21 below) which began the day that Jesus entered this world, to cleanse the human blood line, to conquer sin and death, restoring Gods people to Himself! I was recently asked, “who Did Jesus say that He was?”  He was very precise in

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Complaint Fast ~ 7..14..30 HIKE!

SusanMarie/ January 19, 2015/ Uncategorized

We all know that what we give our attention to grows, draws near, is amplified, is given power to. Have you ever picked up the phone, only to be bombarded by the negative commentary of someone close to you, who not only wants to point out your faults but also wants to dictate how you should change to suite them.

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Beauty for Ashes & Thorns before Petals 1-12-15

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 Imagine the conversation (in nature during creation)….the rose says, “You are going to cover me in what… and that’s going to make me stronger, sweeter, more lovely?!”……………LOL and such,…. grief and struggle are to the soul that which manure is to the rose! ~SMZ I am recently reminded of how God uses everything, even the worst of things that might

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Jumpin Jubilee 1/5/15

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Jubilee has come to the forefront several times this week. It’s crossed my path in reading, conversation and even spilled over into my dreams… We can always count on Gods provision and favor. The restitution that is promised in the Jubilee is as sure as sunshine. It’s when God restores to His people, His children, all that which has been

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