Have it your way is not on Gods menu! 6/29/15

Have it your way is not on Gods menu! 6/29/15

God is not a short order, supply chain. Everyone wants it fast and easy. In the world today, there are many who are dangerously unaware of God’s nature. They are ignorant to the provocation they cause within the very one relationship that is most critical. That of the sinner (as we all are) and the

Eradicate Hate 6/22/15

In general, we all use the word hate so casually. It’s even used as a term of dislike when speaking about the very subject of Hate. It’s the word of choice for severe dislike, its even used to describe mild annoyance. It’s so widely accepted but it has deeper implications, and seeks to take root

Relationship versus Religion 6/15/15

There comes a point in the life of every child of God, called the self check. When you have come so far, have been touched so deeply, changed so greatly, that you know,  beyond any doubt, Whom you belong to. You come to a realization, as most any person would. Having known your past, your

Lord, my Beloved!

There is a chapter in the Song of Solomon that we, as His redeemed can look at and truly relate to. It’s wonderfully captivating to read, it touches the depths of emotion. In essence, its an expose on the realities that we, His bride, the church all face. It’s Song Of Solomon 5: 1-16 We

First things first! 6/1/15

Most of us wouldn’t even think of leaving home without our keys, money, ID or essentials. Why is it then, that we can arise without even considering going to the Word of God, for that critical self check, direction and preparation? Most of us have a routine, which usually includes a shower, deodorant, perfume/cologne, clothes,