God’s economy 8/31/15

God’s economy 8/31/15

I happened to observe something recently, it was a segment of dialogue from a new show that definitely plays into the mindset of paranoia and the everyday struggles we all face in current society. The digital age, consumption based society, ‘The haves’ and ‘The have-nots’; the divide is great and it’s increasing. It is a

enLIGHTenment 8-24-15

 I just love how the Lord speaks to me, this week has shown some very interesting overlapping signs. In the news I’ve seen beams of light appearing mysteriously all across the world, there have been reports of fire rainbows in the sky; one of which definitely appeared to look like the Holy Spirit, the Dove.

Stop and smell the roses…

One thing God reminded me of, is the smell that precedes the roses is often not as sweet, LOL As with all things, there is a season and a reason. Today, my intended schedule got shifted around a bit, which is OK. My usual routine would be writing out what impressions and lessons God has

Covering, cover to cover 8/10/15

The bible is a book, written by men, inspired by God through the Holy Spirit. In society, if we have an eye witness, their testimony is considered valid (unless otherwise proven invalid, but essentially it is given credence based on its own standing). Likewise, if someone dictates a letter and someone else types it, who

God’s Promises are always a Guarantee 8/3/15

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vc-48fImgiQ Abraham I had the pleasure of watching this Movie a few weeks ago, through Movie Night over at GFB  http://www.godsfaithbook.com/ Take the time time necessary to watch this movie in its entirety! You will be blessed!  There is nothing impossible for the Lord. His word is iron clad, true and trustworthy. We must  never