The Good from the bad 10-26-15

SusanMarie/ October 26, 2015/ Uncategorized

 The Good that comes from the bad. Imagine a perfect meal, lots of dirty dishes, food bits, scraps, trimmings from the unsavory parts of vegetables not suitable for consumption, skins and ends. Those things when properly disposed of can make excellent compost and in turn, enrich soil for future growth. Every scenario and situation of life is similar. We have

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God’s 24/7 Witness Protection Program 10-19-15

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 I subscribe to God’s unadulterated word, from Genesis to Revelation! I adhere to the first translated interpretation, derived directly from the Greek and Hebrew text (the original languages in which they were written)This eliminates greatly, any loss of meaning. One of the greatest mindsets for us to embrace is that we are purchased, owned, indebted to our Lord. We are

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The Creator and the Created

SusanMarie/ October 12, 2015/ created, Creation. creator, love, masterpiece, obedience, obligation, share, special. relationship

We as humans are and were, created in God’s image. We are His masterpiece.  After creating all things which were good; the universe, stars, planets, plants & animals, He saved the best for last. After all was created, He said that it was very good. Besides being very special and unique, to all the universe and the heavens. We are

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ONE name whereby we must be saved, JUST one!

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ACTS 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. A persons words and actions reveal much more about them then they realize. Even still we can not get a total picture by isolating one small segment of time, whether that be of their demeanor

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