Life is a GIFT, you need to listen up…

SusanMarie/ January 25, 2016/ Uncategorized

 This is perhaps the BEST single message about Christ that you could listen to. Thank God in Heaven that we don’t have to earn Salvation and Forgiveness, otherwise No one would ever wind up there. He never asks from us what He didn’t already sacrifice for us! Truth is, once you discover His peace and guidance over your life, you

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A small medium at large, it’s no joke, it’s divination! 1-18-16

SusanMarie/ January 18, 2016/ Uncategorized

There is a very influential and demonic force that preys upon people in their pain and ignorance.Everyone is touched by some sort of untimely goodbye, of a family member or friend. Many people have struggled with the same personal issues for years and years, seeking some answer or understanding. Many people seek an advantage over life and think that they

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Isaiah 41:10 His Hand 1-11-16

SusanMarie/ January 11, 2016/ Uncategorized

 Let’s have an in depth look at this verse…sometimes, there is little room for improvement or interpretation. Let the spirit speak to you as you read this and the following commentary. Isaiah 41:10 “Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I

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The Place of Power 1/4/16

SusanMarie/ January 4, 2016/ Uncategorized

There is a pervasive threat that goes unaddressed, it’s more insidious than covered contamination, deadlier than toxic spillage, more lethal than accidental ingestion. It’s facing the enemy without proper protection. Many aren’t even aware that they are doing this. Some aren’t aware that the enemy exists and others fail to see the true enemy because he hides behind the manipulations

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