What is required? Simply everything!

SusanMarie/ February 8, 2016/ Uncategorized

 What does God expect from us? He expects and requires all that we have, our entire heart. He wants the part of us that we used to reserve for our own desires, our big plans, our secret wishes. He wants that part of you that will go just so far for others but forsake all for self. He wants that

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What are you living for?

SusanMarie/ February 5, 2016/ Uncategorized

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The stone is in the sling 2/1/16

SusanMarie/ February 1, 2016/ Uncategorized

 When David set out to take down Goliath, he merely placed a small stone in His sling, this reminds me of the mustard seed of faith. Our problems are Gods problems, our enemies are His enemies and He is QUICK to take notice of His children being pushed down, stepped on, squished and otherwise trampled. Greater is our reward YEAY!

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