Believe when you pray 12-29-15

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Just as a baby believes that Mommy and Daddy report at the sound of that cry. Believe that your Father in Heaven attends to your cries, your petitions, your requests and your needs.

We have the almighty himself, assuring us that what we believe in through prayer is possible.

Mark 11:24
Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receivethem, and ye shall have them.

There is much guidance in His word about our conduct, motives, and general state of obedience. Assuming thise things are constantly in check, self check and open to His adjustments. There is no good reason why we shouldnt take Him at His word.

His word tells us to pray, to pray without ceasing and to pray over everything. God is no liar. Anchor your beliefs in that which you have confidence in. Make Him your confidence. Pray for more trust, for more faith, for boldness. Pray for tenacity. Pray for precision, for endurance, for creativity. Pray for wisdom, intelligence, discretion and fortitude. Pray for better accuracy and belief in Him. He will not fail you. He can not. It is not possible. The failures if any always fall in the shortness of our abilities, beliefs and consistency.

What good and lovely thing would you pray for if you knew that it would assuredly be granted? Well then, by all means PRAY for that. Use that success to harness the next prayer, use that trust to pray forward blessings for others, for this world we share!

So many need prayer and the benefits that are unlocked through it! 

LORD, help us all to become better aligned with Your Will, Word and Way! Help us to overcome evil, to cultivate the best thoughts and beliefs that will empower us, To be kind to ourselves, to trust ourselves through YOU. To consider our worth. To abandon the worlds approval and seek ONLY Yours. Help us to see ourselves and the world around us through YOUR EYES! Help us become all that which You intended originally, before it became tainted. Train us up in Your righteousness, quicken us this day and have us grow in Your grace, AMEN

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