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It’s funny how the topic for the week just sort of shows up. It’s been kind of prevalent in my experience this week, as I’ve heard of more than a few couples, announcing separation, divorce, marital issues, etc. Who’s trying to get out of a relationship and then there is the flip-side, those seeking to find a mate, seeking commitment and marriage.

It causes you to wonder if people really know what they want and if they do, is what they want healthy, in alignment with God? Who else stands to be affected by the choices they make. If we base our choices on the worlds standards, there is little hope for true intimacy, commitment, respect or longevity. The world’s standards seem to fluctuate, seem to focus on one person being self serving….Jerry McGuire, “You complete me”….Me, me , ME!!! That does not a marriage make! No wonder discord and divorce is so high. The Bible says a house divided can not stand!

My prayer is for those who are on the fence about the person they married, what their future holds and where they will wind up; is that God leads them, hopefully here, to watch these two movies and then to reconsider their standing. The one common denominator in most any problem is the person experiencing them, first and foremost, if one never gets a handle on their own misgivings one will never be able to expect kindness, patience and tolerance in return. It must be cultivated within bearing fruit to be picked of the vine, only then will the plant yield more to have the harvester return. You cant give what you don’t possess and you can not possess what you are not willing to give.

Marriage is about two lives, two souls, two sets of positive attributes that will compliments each other and two sets of challenging attributes that will cause each other to grow. Where one falls short the other will need to compensate. When they are grafted together (after all that’s what marriage does) the two shall become one. Even if the two decide to break that union, part of them remains connected, whether they accept it or not. That’s why divorce is so painful and detrimental.

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