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MONDAY MORNING MESSAGE FOR The Eternal Body Of Christ 9-17-12

SusanMarie/ September 17, 2012/ abstinence, God's direction, God's will, Godly Union, Holy, perseverance

Good Morninnnng, I must admit, its slightly controversial discussing this the Lord has been weighing on my heart that there is a message here for someone, somewhere, who really needs to hear it, know it and receive it. You are about to get a birds eye view of the reality of choosing to follow in Godly obedience, the benefit &

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MONDAY MORNING MESSAGE FOR The Eternal Body Of Christ 6-11-2012 ~ Gods Direction

SusanMarie/ June 11, 2012/ compass, counsel, God's direction, obedience, true north, trust

Goooood Morninnnng, God’s word is all encompassing, as He points out to us in scripture. In that word “encompassing” we find right at the very center of that word , the word compass. The Word of God is all inclusive, relaying to us clearly what to do in all things! There is no aspect of human life & struggle that

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