The Creator and the Created

SusanMarie/ October 12, 2015/ created, Creation. creator, love, masterpiece, obedience, obligation, share, special. relationship

We as humans are and were, created in God’s image. We are His masterpiece.  After creating all things which were good; the universe, stars, planets, plants & animals, He saved the best for last. After all was created, He said that it was very good. Besides being very special and unique, to all the universe and the heavens. We are

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GOoD Hugs! 11/24/14

SusanMarie/ November 24, 2014/ cares, carries, embrace, fond, god, hugs, Lord, love, walks with us

I have two cats, one is very affectionate and would let me do just about anything I wanted, he just loves and trusts me that much! The other one, well, she desires to be close, to have attention, but she shrugs at being held. In fact she often resists, and meows as if she is being tortured. She must not

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MONDAY MORNING MESSAGE FOR The Eternal Body Of Christ 5-21-12 (Spiritual fruit)

SusanMarie/ May 21, 2012/ faith, God's ability, kindness, love, obedience, patience, promises, spiritual fruit

Goooooood Morninnnnnnnng,Two things stood out to my spirit this week, both occurring at different intervals and yet, they have a relationship in unison with what we call Spiritual Fruit.I had been praying in the Spirit, rather boldly, over a precious child who is battling cancer. As I approached the throne of Grace, my Spirit recalled the scripture where Jesus cursed

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