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I’ve got the best HEALTH INSURANCE around; CHRIST-~Net & the greatest Physician known to mankind Jesus! The motto: By His stripes WE ARE healed…not will be, not should be…BUT… WE ARE HEALED!…AMEN

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      I rebuke and bind anything contrary to this confession; anything appearing in the flesh, pain or illness (is a lie0 sent by the enemy! It is not accepted, not allowed and sent back to the author of it! Health and wellness is the only thing allowable!

    • Eligibility: Must Confess with your Mouth Jesus as Lord and believe in thine heart that Jesus the Messiah was raised from the dead!

      Premium: Faith

      Terms: Provisions shall always be met so long as Eligibility and Premium remain in tact.

      Dividends: When this Body wares out and you transition to the other side…a new one will be provided for you that will never get ill and it will be filled with the Glory of God unto eternity!

      Bring your sick…Sign up immediately 😉

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