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In order to be understood and to understand, we must strive for clarity!

We can not get the wrong notion that all we need do is name it to claim it, and think positive thoughts and everything will float into our hands. Nay, but rather, we must align ourselves with the thoughts, ideals, beliefs and readiness, should those things come into our experience, so that they are not missed, overlooked, or taken for granted!

Several times this week, the concept of SPEAKING distinctly, correctly, succinctly and in alignment with that which is right, good and true has been the topic of conversation and passing commentary. I am revisiting something that I have covered before, in my going on 5 years now, Monday Morning Message. It’s just as relevant now as it was when God first impressed upon me to share it.

The Lord has led me to a greater understanding; deliverance for so many is at hand! A friend of a friend bought a book & then shared some of it’s nuggets; this book is pressed down~ shaken together, a gift filled with God’s word. It has unlocked some powerful truths. It has helped draw forward empowerment,  it is in full alignment. I have gleaned in the fields of the Lord and the harvest is at hand! Bring your hunger, bring your thirst and have your fill!

Love & faith are only experienced, only effective in ACTION…(like the word ATTRACTION) the word action is always present! It is God’s Love in action (through Christ’s sacrifice) that we have salvation &  it is through Faith (in action) confessing Jesus Christ as the Triune & risen Messiah that we are able to receive His inheritance eternally. Rom 10:9-10 This book says that what we confess we also posses! Is the confession of your lips eradicating your blessings? Are your words opposing God’s? Do not believe or buy into the ugly lie that may be staring you in the face..poverty, oppression, sickness or depression!

Hosea 4: 6 (KJV) My people perish from a lack of knowledge. 

He wants us educated, enlightened &  informed of the promises, blessings, gifts, abilities, provisions, mercies & miracles. Explicitly, His words are endorsed and backed… from before the foundations of this world and far beyond into all of eternity!

So, yes this book I found seems to be worthy of reading but the message that it offers is readily attainable, right now, all you need do is crack open your Bible and begin to recognize every promise of God, every single word of His prophecy and promise to us is a SURE thing!

The other book I have referenced is called: “The Power Of Your Words” by Don Gossett and E.W. Kenyon. It is filled with references to scripture and I have found it to be a great and helpful companion on the subject of faith, belief, and the power of our speech. I had to special order mine through Barnes & Noble but have found it might be easier to get it through Amazon direct…Here is a handy link for ordering it, the page in it takes you to at Amazon has the book available in English and Spanish :>>>

Here are some nuggets to devour….(let the confession of your mouth be aligned with the confession that the word of God instructs us in)

    I confess Romans 10:13… I possess an all knowing for sure salvation For I have called upon the name of the Lord!
    I confess Psalm 121:7… I possess preservation from All Evil all the time, asleep or awake!
    I confess Matthew 5:8… I possess the assurance of seeing God through the blood of Jesus Christ
    I confess Psalm 29:11… I possess PEACE and an abundance of strength
    I confess Psalm 68:19… I possess a life loaded with God’s daily blessings and benefits
    I confess John 8:12… I possess a light from the Lord above to guide my every step on this life’s journey
    I confess 2 Corinthians 9:8… I posses all grace; abounding Grace, saving grace, healing grace, baptizing grace, all sufficient.
    I confess Luke 1:37 …I possess limitless possibilities in Christ.
    I confess Acts 2:17… I possess the spirit of God poured out upon me & all that I come in contact with.
    I confess Psalm 103:12… I possess ultimate pardon for my sins and God remembers them no more!

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