Stop and smell the roses…

SusanMarie/ August 17, 2015/ glory, goodness, gratefulness, maintenance, mercy, prayer, reason, rest, season, thankfulness, trust

One thing God reminded me of, is the smell that precedes the roses is often not as sweet, LOL

As with all things, there is a season and a reason. Today, my intended schedule got shifted around a bit, which is OK. My usual routine would be writing out what impressions and lessons God has shown to me through the week. 
In a way, I am sort of doing that now! Although this is a bit informal. My PC is currently getting a deep scan by antivirus, seems I picked up some malware along the way and it was proliferating my system. I trust in The Lord and He knows how much I need and use this computer, so in am asking The Lord, to walk through that system scan right along with it!  Clean it, restore it and protect it!
 As I take inventory of this week, I am thankful. I see God’s miracles and mercy at every turn. I am thankful for those dear to me who have turned to The Lord in their times of need and have not been ashamed!  He is Mighty and He is so faithful! We must remember to take time to be thankful, to basque in the glory of H is goodness! 
Today, that is what I am doing, Trusting, learning to yield and not panic…allowing for the new things and being content when something doesn’t quite go as expected? KNOWING all the while that He has my best interest at heart as well as all of those whom I care for! SUCH peace!!

Thank you LORD!!! Bless every eye that sees this, every heart that it touches belongs to YOU! 

Thank you LORD for my family, for all the many blessings You have bestowed upon me, for the many things present in my life that are gifts of mercy and love by YOU! You are the treasure of this life and I am so blessed!!

before. I go, let me share with you a great APP, every Christian should have this…it’s called 
PrayerMate you can get it for your smartphone or your iPhone. Download it today! Prayer changes things! 

Everyone, have a blessed week and stop back next week for the next Monday Morning Message!

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