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Have you ever faced a decisive moment and crossed your fingers?  What did you mean when you did it?
*We’ve seen it on countless occasions: a team in the final minutes of a game is down to one final shot that will determine the victory, many supporters in the crowd cross their fingers.
*A person who is hoping to receive good news in an upcoming announcement secretly crosses his fingers. A crossed finger in these instances is a form of body language that expresses hope and faith. 
When a person is being deceptive or is trying to disguise their feelings, they often crosses their fingers, but it is usually done behind their back. It indicates that the words being spoken are not really a true expression of how one feels; they are a lie. Crossed fingers give insight into depth of our desires and emotions.
Nearly everyone has experienced an occasion in which they have crossed their fingers. Most however, did not know that the crossed finger first originated with Christians. When it was first used, it had nothing at all to do with luck. It was a secret code. In the early days of the Church it was dangerous to be a Christian. Our faith was unpopular and illegal. Many who believed were tortured and fed to lions for sport. There were times when Christians were hated so badly that even a casual association with followers of the cross could mean death. When those who were Christians, met another Christian they would use “body language” or crossed fingers to indicate that they too were believers. If someone approached that they were unsure about, they would quickly hide their crossed fingers behind their back to disguise their identity.
Crossed fingers represented the Cross of Christ. It indicated that a situation had been placed in the hands of God. It suggested that the believer was hoping and praying for victory in Christ. The blessing associated with crossed fingers for many was, “May Christ be victorious in my hour of need!” 
 That’s significant, especially in light of the words of the text from Psalm 23. We read the words “though I walk through, the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.” There are two words that leap from this passage “though” and “through.” The only difference between the two words is the letter “r”. In American Sign Language, the letter “r” is made by crossing the middle finger over the index finger. It’s the sign of the cross.
The difference between our “though” situations and our “through” situations is the “r”, the presence of Christ victorious in our hour of need. Without the cross, there is no “through” only a “though”.
Though we may walk in the darkness of the moment, our hope is that Christ is victorious in our hour of need so we walk through the dark moment fearing nothing, our hope and trust has been placed in God’s hand.
As Christians, we may not cross our fingers as much as the early believers, but we do maintain hope and faith that in any given situation, Christ will be the victor. We don’t hide that hope or faith behind our backs, but only declare to the world, “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness. I dare not trust the sweetest frame but wholly lean on Jesus’ name. On Christ, the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.”
   Today, keep you your hopes up, God will help you claim the victory! And remember, No cross + No crown
Stay the course and embrace your cross!
For 1063 the preaching 3056 of the cross 4716 is 2076 to them 3303that perish 622 foolishness 3472; but 1161 unto us 2254 which are saved 4982 it is 2076 the power 1411 of God 2316.
Looking 872 unto 1519 Jesus 2424 the author 747 and 2532 finisher5051 of [our] faith 4102; who 3739 for 473 the joy 5479 that was set before 4295 him 846 endured 5278 the cross 4716, despising 2706 theshame 152, and 5037 is set down 2523 at 1722 the right hand 1188 ofthe throne 2362 of God 2316.
And 2532 when he had called 4341 the people 3793 [unto him] with4862 his 846 disciples 3101 also, he said 2036 unto them 846, Whosoever 3748 will 2309 come 2064 after 3694 me 3450, let him deny533 himself 1438, and 2532 take up 142 his 846 cross 4716, and 2532follow 190 me 3427.
Blotting out 1813 the handwriting 5498 of ordinances 1378 that was against 2596 us 2257, which 3739 was 2258 contrary 5227 to us 2254, and 2532 took 142 it 846 out of 1537 the way 3319, nailing 4338 it 846 to his cross 4716;

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