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THE MONDAY MORNING MESSAGE IS SCHEDULED TO RESUME immediately, thank you to everyone for all your wonderful messages, cards, prayers and well wishes!

On March 3, 2013  God gave me a vision, suspended in a dream…

I awoke that morning, shaken by an incredibly vivid & Surreal Vision, only to discover that a very dear, lifelong friend of mine had passed away during the middle of the night! Besides recovering from a terribly broken leg, my world, by all accounts was seriously rocked! The end of January & the entire month of February and a good portion of March seemed swallowed up in the recovery phase of my ordeal.

To the best of my ability, I will share with you what was shown to me, the impressions that the images left upon me and the message. Here is an accounting, derived from my conversation with a friend…

  • Aleta Wells  I am so sorry to hear that…..SMH..that ‘ol enemy of ours is so wicked…cannot wait until he is gone forever from us! I want to hear about your vision…when you are released to tell it!
  • Susan Artszcraftsz

    I can tell you…He just doesnt want me to publicly announce it just far I have had 2 signs….when the third one comes…which I think it sort of did…then I am free to publish
    it was the very same night that my friend Ronni died,
    I saw the earth, from outer space….like as if I was on the moon….(1/2 the planet was lit and the other half in darkness) as in night time
  • Susan Artszcraftsz

    I saw a cloud like cloud hovering over the circumference of the planet…it was alive…it was lit up, rumbling and lightning bolts were firing all within it….and there was a sound of what sounded likes millions of people
    ….next I could see…12 beams of light….coming out of this cloud….like a spot light, each one searching the surface of the earth
  • in my spirit I knew that the light was activating and awakening the dead in Christ as well as the living
    it went on for a year….
    the supernatural occurrence had people all over the world in the middle of the night,…BOOP, LIGHTS ON; brighter than daylight, or the sun shiniest day, BUT…in the middle if the night! 
    **NO SUN in the sky (because the the SON was in the sky…left heaven and not yet on earth)
    ….the scientists, trying to explain it away as a reflection from off of meteors…or some type of rare occurrence…in actuality, they were truly perplexed…
    Eventually, at the end of the dream, the 12 beams of light converged and just as they came together….I saw in fast motion, everything (like when your life flashes before your eyes) I heard,…this is the start of the Rapture and Pooof I woke up!
    in the fast playing scenes of seeing everything happen (like when you see your life flash) I could see our bodies being lifted up under this canopy of light that was like water and light combined
    I woke up wide awake…sitting straight up
    don’t remember sitting up…sort of woke up that way
    (* I recall sitting there, speachless and trying to absorb what God showed me, I felt like I couldn’t speak)
    and then the other night, God pressed upon me find in the Bible where Night becomes as day and day becomes as night
    It is going to actually happen…people are going to be so confused…others will know it to be supernatural and others will be enlightened, awoken by Holy Spirit
    • Aleta Wells

      Sooooooon, sis! I was just reading in 1 Thess. 4:16
      I used to believe there would be no rapture…I now think otherwise.
      The bridal “week” and wedding feast…how awesome!
    • Susan Artszcraftsz

      I cant wait
      all the scriptures lead us to believe that there is an event before armageddon
    • Aleta Wells

      Me neither…this world can’t hold us down!
    • Susan Artszcraftsz

      nope it sure cant
    • Susan Artszcraftsz

      whatever that might be…its the securing of the kingdom, the gathering of the wheat
      and making way for the departure of the Holy Ghost from this planet
      it ushers forth the coming of the 144,000
      and the potential elect from that movement of Jewish/males eunichs
      not sure about the last part??/still have questions about that
    • Aleta Wells

      THEN…the WORD says that HIS angels will gather the “grapes”…to be crushed in the wrath.
    • Aleta Wells

      I’ve heard that too…(the last part)…and it makes sense.
      I had a dream years ago…I dreamed that the whole Earth (all it’s people) were bowed down and went about groaning because of this invisible “force” that held them down…
    • Susan Artszcraftsz

      why eunuchs though?…I mean who am I to question God…is it the purity?
      must be
      sort of like the end of the line…playing itself out in physicality
      I guess when the end comes and we get to heaven, all our questions will be answered and it will all make sense!
    • Aleta Wells

      Yes…I believe it is due to the purity aspect…that they so love the LORD that they forgo natural relationships and consecrate themselves totally to YHWH.

      (the rest of the dream)..And YHWH was looking down upon the Earth…and HE said…”enough!” and clapped His hands…when he did…it lifted…and even the trees started waving (I was reminded of that verse in Isaiah…I believe) and all the people just lifted up to an upright position and raised their hands in praise! 
    • Susan Artszcraftsz

      wow, god bumps!
      & I’ve been attacked every step of the way since this vision!
      …does he actually think he will get me to drop my faith…NEVER!!!
       by the grace of the Holy Spirit, none shall pluck me from my Fathers hands
      everything he has done will only serve to increase my reward and drive me closer to God
    • Aleta Wells

      Isn’t that always the way, though? I used to question “why”…what is the purpose of taking such a beating on every hand?!! Just to prove we can take it??? but more and more I think…that these hardships and trials that we’ve had to endure have been “refining” us? Yes…me too…I cannot be plucked from HIS hand…it’s not my faith…it’s HIS saving/keeping power! Amen~
    • Susan Artszcraftsz

      I had one of those tear-fests, crying on Daddy’s shoulder….like…I was out and then this happened and then that happened and while this was happening, got kicked when I was down…and then to make matter worse…..(PS…get this Memo satan… Daddy is mad)
    • Susan Artszcraftsz

      the trials don’t come from God they come from satan, cause he doest know if we will cave
      I can establish by now…I AM FOREVER GODS GIRL
      anyway…no point in bemoaning…
      he ought to hide
    • Aleta Wells

      Oh YES!! i’ve got to where I remind him of his end…and how very close it really is!
      Yeshua is our very present help…in the time of trouble! And HE keeps those who are HIS…!
    • Susan Artszcraftsz

      never thought Id say this…but I understand job a lot more these days
    • Aleta Wells

      My daughter and I were talking..and she said, “you know…if you are waging a WAR…you don’t come after the least target…you go for the real threat to you”…thats so true…we must really be making the enemy nervous!
    • Susan Artszcraftsz

      Hahahahah…unfortunately you are 100% correct
    • Aleta Wells

      And yeah…Job was attacked because he was righteous…not because he was in sin! Same goes here..
    • Susan Artszcraftsz

      and it made him praise God more
      something the devil hates
      so my sufferings are my badge
      they serve to show me how valuable I am
      and the Bible says when the thief is identified he is remanded to pay 7x greater!
    • Aleta Wells

      The WORD says for us to “count it all joy..when we are faced with trials and tribulation”…and to KNOW that our brothers and sisters all over the Earth are undergoing the same trials! …And YES…our reward is GREAT…
    • Susan Artszcraftsz

      Pay up Pay up Pay up….Jesus be my Accounts Receivable Officer
    • Aleta Wells

      LOL! …And HE is! 
    • Susan Artszcraftsz

      love You
    This image was recently shared on Fb by a friend, one of several confirmations
    from the Lord.
    Some final impressions that the Lord is leading me to emphasize
    Any time frame, such as a Year is not to be taken literally, I was reminded by Him that a Year is as a day and a day is as a year..

    2 Peter 3:8 But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

    After the vision, God instructed me to search out a scripture where Night becomes as day…
    Job 17:12 They change the night into day: the light is short because of darkness.

    The predominant impression that I was given is that God is searching the hearts of humanity, illuminating & cultivating what shall be salvaged as well as distinguishing that which shall not.

    I got the strong impression that this might happen in actuality, it is also a spiritual representation of enlightenment, as we approach end times
    The Lord also impressed upon me that He wishes for me to return to painting, my spirit is longing to express these images.

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