10/28/13 Balance and Brightness

10/28/13 Balance and Brightness

We live in an extreme temporal world, one of degrees, HOT / COLD,  UP/DOWN, etc.,  across the spectrum and apllicable to much of what we experience.  I have been shown lots of confirmations, symbolys and references for balance. Balance on the scope of building up areas that might be lacking and editing others. When God

10/21/13 No Limit, God is in it!

Today’s message is a simple one, God is Limitless! His Authority, Capacity, Propensity is uneneding, INFINITELY vast and beyond comprehension. Luke 18:27 27 Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” When was the last time something so overwhelming happened to you? Did it not cause you to pause and exclaim, Oh my God!

10/14/13 “Pray Out Loud”

We do a lot of talking about prayers and praying. One of the most profound and powerful things we can do is Pray! It’s so important, God instructs us to pray without ceasing! 1 Thessalonians 5:17  In fact, the word “Pray” occurs 313 times in 306 verses in the KJV.What God has been showing me and

10/7/13 “Need a Floverhaul?!”

This concept has been revealed to me over a period of time, through real life lessons, that as they unfolded, were laying bricks in an intricately woven pattern, that would become apparent eventually, upon observation.Life knows how you really feel about it, if you want it to change, change it! Just think responsibly ! An