Wait on the Lord with COURAGE

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I’m reminded of a time, years ago. I was fairly young and was being heavily pursued by a jealous ex-boyfriend. I found myself in the rather unfortunate position of being out and about with another young man on the local thoroughfair, when we stopped at a light, only to discover the forlorn, intense look on the driver next to us, who turned out to be my former date mate; a chase ensued, and the upshot of the story is, I was abandonned by the young man that I was in the car with. Having borrowed his fathers car, or atleast, that was the excuse I was later given.  (We didnt speak much at all after that, but I did need to get my purse back!) so, I found myself on the side of a major road, with no purse, no help and at the mercy of the situation, so thankfully, my common sense kicked in; I darted into a local establishment, explaining what was happening and asking to borrow the phone so that I could call one of my brothers! More than few of the patrons offered to protect me (in the meanwhile) I dont know about you, but once I made that call and knew he was on his way, I felt entirely confident that I would be ok, providing I stayed put and followed the directions we agreed upon.

He pulled up, I proceeded to leave the establishment; just as I exited I spotted the exboyfriend, casually camped out or ‘laying in wait’ was more like it. Few words were exchanged (as they were not needed) when the door to my brothers car swung open, I had a direct route, a hedge of protection and the confident, capable strapping man emanating a look of intense focus, making it very clear to this troublesome pest in my life that I was not to be messed with. I hopped in and made my escape!

So, here is where we need to glean a nugget. How much more so, Does Our Father in Heaven care for, come to the aid of and rescue His very own beloved?!

Psalm 27:14 Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.

God has some very specific directions for us, for our welfare, (you can find them in the bible)! He cares and will come to your rescue, in the meanwhile, a deeper relationship with Him is all that is needed to impart to you the same level of confidence, so that You will know and can wait on the Lord with GREAT COURAGE!

Have a blessed week!

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