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Such powerful thoughts the Lord has placed within me, as I was instructed to recount all of the negative, painful, tragic & otherwise major life altering events. Most everyone in life experiences them at some point or another to some degree.
This may come quickly or this may evolve & unfold over the course time with applied intentional effort. Begin first by creating a list of these events with approximate dates, details, as best as you can, not so much detail that you go off on a tangent. I mean like this….(1.) Health crisis, when I was 27, two surgeries. a year to recuperate, resulting in the end of an engagement, a change of residence and another new lease on Life….so you get the idea.
Now, just continue on with your list, hopefully YOURS, is not as extensive as mine is. Eventually, you will come to a spot in your inner consciousness where you know, yep, in a nutshell, that list of things:… challenges, deaths, disagreements, hardships, illnesses, injustices, obstacles, reductions, snags, & struggles is a comprehensive list of life lessons, hidden blessings, growth & survival. As you go through each one, and recognize what the sum outcome yielded. Reversing the curse, neutralizing the venom of the enemy, as he tries to use it over you or against you. Extinguishing the fiery darts of the enemy, his lying words of defeat & shame are transmuted by Gods Divine Mercy and Love over us. This process, when you have completed it, will cathartically cut the cord between you and your connection to residual emotional & spiritual residue.
I am going to do it now, my reversing is in acknowledging, praising, and extolling the Lord, His omniscient ways will never cease to Amaze!
keep the lesson & the blessing and release the unprofitable. _____________________________________________________________________________
When I was 12, My father, tragically passed away, leaving my Mother, four brothers, myself & my Grandparents, all stunned! This taught me rather abruptly, just how valuable and precious life Is! He was a very strong Man of God, never ill a day in His life until that unfortunate event. He was an amazing Artist and visionary, who set things in motion that the enemy tried to steal BUT will not be successful. I reverse the curse placed upon our family unit, that brought fear, pain, and trauma. I praise the Lord that I was born to woman who prayed for me every day! A woman who stepped into the role of Father, as best as any person could ever hope to, with Grace, Dignity and Faith! A woman who was devoted to her husband even beyond death.
When I was 15, My Grandfather, my Father’s Dad, passed away! This taught me that life is not fair, sometimes things do not go in the order we believe is correct. I got to see first hand what the effects of widowhood were on three wonderful women in my life. My Mom’s Mom who lived with us, My Mother & now my deceased Dad’s mom! I saw how difficult it was, but I also saw how God strengthened and fortified them. I learned that a legacy of strong family values is important! I witnessed and studied Proverbs 31 women, who instructed me daily! (evidence of this did not show immediately, lol)
A few years after this, I had a reaction to a chemical carpet cleaner that you use to clean automobile carpeting with. The overspray got up all on my face, I didn’t know it, …(then I went to the beach or pool, got lots of sun) REACTION…omgosh! Emergency visits to the Dermatologists & Eye Specialists; ointments, eye patch, .milk bath treatments, lots of praying & a wonderfully patient, caring Mom!…Taught me to value and appreciate health over vanity. I was fortunate to have recuperated with Miraculous result! Not a trace that it even happened other than the awful memories!  (more concerned about being good, than just looking good)
 A few years after that, it was Marriage, Miscarriage & Mayhem,  not necessarily in that order but a separation before six months & divorce within that year. This taught me that No matter how much you may offer, deposit or invest in another, it does not always incite them to do better or to emulate the better. Just as the choice we have in Christ is before us, Jesus being the ultimate Great example, but we, flawed humans, just fall short! Incidentally, it was around this time that I began my closer relationship with Jesus. He drew me closer when I was ready to receive Him and it changed my perspective on life, in spite of the distractions and abusers that were trying to gain authority over my life.
….I will stop there, not really stop but I will continue with my reversing, applying on my own life, all the way up to present! I hope & pray that you too, will do this! Do what the enemy trembles at the thought of; …”OH NO! If She or He takes inventory of their life, they will realize how powerful they are!”….
God is the God of the “Sudden Turn Around & Divine Reversal”, Turning curses into blessings! 

Matthew 16:19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”
Matthew 18:18″I tell you the truth, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

This is mentioned twice, you bind and loose in this way…
”I bind any and all curses and I loose any and all blessings in my life and the life of my family in Jesus Name” ت smz ™ © ®

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