The Monday Morning Message for The Eternal Body Of Christ 4-29-13 Authority, God gave it for a purpose!

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Gooood Morninnnnnng! I choose a good morning, although everything has come up against it! Jesus reminds me, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Philippians 4:13 Boy oh boy, Satan sure doesn’t want God’s word being meditated over, let alone spoken about, verbally, out in the auditory realm. Ha! Too Bad! It is written, in the Name

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The Monday Message 4-22-13 “JOY” Now available on Podcast

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✞ℍƎ   ᗰ⚙ИᎠᗩУ   ᗰƎᔕᔕᗩ❡Ǝ   Ƥ⚙Ꭰᑕᗩᔕ✞TODAY’S MESSAGE IS NOW AVAILABLE ON PODCAST  :  )  “JOY” Goood Morninnnnnng, I was recently reminded of something, a memory, which I’ll get around to sharing with you in just a brief moment. First, I want to convey the impression that It left, there is a joy that comes from a heavenly perspective, the

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THE MONDAY MORNING MESSAGE IS SCHEDULED TO RESUME immediately, thank you to everyone for all your wonderful messages, cards, prayers and well wishes! On March 3, 2013  God gave me a vision, suspended in a dream… I awoke that morning, shaken by an incredibly vivid & Surreal Vision, only to discover that a very dear, lifelong friend of mine had

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