Memorial 5-26-14

Memorial 5-26-14

In general , days of remembrance are important to us; anniversaries, birthdays, special events and notable dates of old, today, being Memorial Day, we celebrate those who served and sacrificed to provide us with freedoms of liberty. Similar to veterans, Christian saints and martyrs are no different! All of them individually and collectively served to

Declarations 5-19-14

Declarations are important to us, we have the Declaration of Independence here in the US, which we celebrate on July 4th. Today is Victoria Day in Canada, their equivalent of our Independence day & Marriages are ceremoniously observed over declarations of Love.A declaration is an ofifcial way of stating intentions, facts and plans to be

Joy comes in the Morning 5/12/14

One very valuable thing my Mother taught me and reinforced, was to honor yourself, speak your truth and always be good to yourself. When I was overloaded with burdens, tasks and the happenstances of life, she would remind me that ONLY I could edit, amend and manage my ‘to do’ list. She always felt that

5-5-14 Drive Out the Oppressor

We are all familiar with that occasional ‘nail in the tire’, you know the one that causes a slow leak. It can go undetected for miles, all the while, slowly depleting the tire of pressure and putting the driver at risk for a blow out or a total flat. There is a much more dangerous