The Monday Morning Message 7/29/13 The Lords Prayer

SusanMarie/ July 29, 2013/ Uncategorized

  I find myself in prayer almost all of the time. Sometimes I meditate upon the word of the our Father and I can speak from personal experience on this, its effective. Jesus himself, as King over the Kingdom of Heaven instructs us to pray AFTER THIS MANNER…not in the sense like a recipe, or lyrcis that you recite over

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The Monday Morning Message 7/8/13 Trinity is Evident

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The bible itself gives us enough evidence of the trinity. Never mind that the Bible doesn’t actually say the word. After all, what good is an empty word without its meaning, definition or example? The bible doesn’t say the word “Rapture” either but we know enough from what we have read, that inevitable event will take place. We do not

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7/1/13 Be, leave or BELIEVE!

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CLICK ON THE ARROW ABOVE TO LISTEN TO THIS MESSAGE VIA PODCAST! You can BE! You can Leave! Or you can BELIEVE! With God you can not believe as you please and remain pleasing in the sight of God! We can not pick and choose what is convenient. Surrender and obedience to Him, is a humbling, the emptying of self

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The Monday Message 6/24/13 “Grumble vs. Humble”

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Transcript of today’s Message to be posted later! …it’s my Birthday! ….Off to enjoy some Birthday fun! Transcript Grumble or humble! Both cant occupy the same space at the same time. today’s discussion is about the spirit of humility and the grateful heart and it’s also about discerning and avoiding the (grumbling heart), the complainer, the negative Nelly! No offense

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