Affirm Your Future 4-28-14

Affirm Your Future 4-28-14

A dear friend and Sister in Christ emailed me an ebook that discusses Prophecy, the difference between foretelling ad forthtelling. Foretelling hearkens to mysticism and proposes to overstep the boundaries that God in His mercy toward us tells us is NOT of Him and should not be practiced. Whereas Forthtelling is covered all throughout scripture.

Shifting the Burden 4-21-14

What a truly blessed Resurrection/Passover weekend this was! I was able to attend a massive celebration with my entire church for Good Friday as well as fellowship with my closest and dearest friends. I pray that everyone had an equally moving holiday weekend and that we all return our focus to that very PERFECT work

At His Word 4-14-14

Every one of us, at one point or another, has been let down, either by the words of others or at our very own. Whether it was a commitment that didn’t pan out or a New Years resolution, a declaration, or a promise that was tossed out carelessly without substantial forethought or follow through. After

Blessed are the Feet 4-7-14

Once again, I have had several instances of a recurring theme show up, getting my attention. In this case it revolves around a shoe. You see, ever since I broke my leg, the time I spent recovering and healing, I found myself truly diving into Gods word for solace and comfort. I also spent a